Five Challenges Of Living On The Road

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While living on the road can be enjoyable, it does come with it’s own challenges.  We have outlined five of our challenges, though we’re sure other travellers will have other challenges.

Five Challenges of Living on the Road
Five Challenges of Living on the Road

Missing Family and Friends

Going on the road can mean you miss out on birthdays and other family events.  Fortunately with phones and technology, family and friends are not far away.  New Zealand is not a big country so going from one place to another in a short space of time is very possible, whether driving or flying.

One of Five Challenges – Missing Celebrations

Feeling Unsettled

They say there’s no home like home, but sometimes it may not feel like home when you keep moving around.  At least if you have a permanent mobile home you are actually home and just the scenery changes.  However, spending time in one place and then moving on can be unsettling.  It can be just simple things like ‘where is the nearest dump station’.  Sometimes you just have to learn the same thing over and over again.

If you don’t have your own mobile home, packing and unpacking can be annoying.  Though if you do it often enough – practice makes perfect.  Housesitting can be great as usually you have a house to look after which means lots of space.

Chloe decided that laying down was better than walking
Chloe decided that laying down was better than walking

Fortunately, big chain supermarkets, for example countdown, have similar store layouts.  So it makes it easy to find the bread and milk when you need it.  However you can get used to using one type of supermarket only to find you now stay in locations that have a different supermarket.  Though you can get to check out the different fruit and vegetable markets along the way – assuming you arrive on the right day of the week.

Grocery Shopping Challenges
Grocery Shopping Challenges

Cooking Meals

Whether you are staying in an RV, caravan or Airbnb, the kitchen will usually pose a few challenges.  If you live in an RV or caravan, often the kitchen will be a lot smaller than you had at home.  Also you won’t have all the cupboard space you are used to.  It takes time to work out what you want to take with you and how you’ll cook in a mobile home.

If we’re only staying one night somewhere, we don’t usually worry about finding a kitchen.  However, if we are settling in for a night or two, or a week or two, we will want to use a kitchen.  Everyone’s kitchens are different so sometimes it takes time to find what you need or realise they don’t have it.  We do travel with some basics, for example our own large knife, pair of scissors and herbs and spices.

Sugar and spice and all things nice
Sugar and spice and all things nice

While we like our coffee, travelling makes it so much easy to stop and pick one up.  So we probably drink more coffee when we’re travelling than we’re not.  Though it is nice to go out for dinner when on the road, however this costs money.  Always cheaper to cook.

Coffee at the Seed & Grain Cafe
Coffee at the Seed & Grain Cafe

Staying Connected While On The Road

Even when we’re not writing a blog, we love our wi-fi.  Some areas of New Zealand have less than good coverage – especially by the coastline.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what the coverage would be like before we get to a destination.  If we absolutely need the wi-fi, we will ensure our destination has good wi-fi or we move on.

The benefit to having no wi-fi is living technology-free for a day or two.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Technology Challenges
Technology Challenges

Medical and Dental

While we have accessible public health here in New Zealand, it is a lot more convenient and less expensive if you are registered with a particular medical centre.  If you require a medical appointment while not in your medical centre’s district it can be expensive, or you may not be able to get an appointment.  This can be especially difficult if a hospital referral is required.

We have overcome this by moving from one medical practice to another depending of whether we are in the North Island or South Island.  We had these same issues when Jo needed an eye appointment at the eye clinic.  Fortunately, in most instances you can plan ahead, however urgent appointments can be a little tricky.

Jo's Eye one week after surgery
Jo’s Eye one week after surgery

Living on the road is great and it’s not something we’re change anytime soon.  We’ll just keep meeting our challenges as they occur and we’ll find our own solutions to any hiccups along the way.

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