Alexandra’s Clock On The Hill

We have driven through Alexandra several times, however this time I noticed that there was a large clock on the hill.

Alexandra’s Clock On The Hill

After we had a cuppa I decided to google map to see how to get there.  It said ’10 minutes’ walk, so off I went.  It took me along the Manuherikia River and over the ‘Shaky Bridge’ and yes, it was shaky.

Walking trail from town to 'Shaky Bridge'
Walking trail from town to ‘Shaky Bridge’

‘Shaky Bridge’

The Manukerikia Light Traffic Bridge was opened in 1879.  The suspension traffic bridge has stone pillars on each bank.  While it is no longer a traffic bridge, it is still used by walkers and cyclists.

The 'Shaky Bridge' in Alexandra
The ‘Shaky Bridge’ in Alexandra

'Shaky Bridge' and Clock on the Hill
‘Shaky Bridge’ and Clock on the Hill

Clock On The Hill

Once over the bridge I turned left and after a short 5-minute walk I found the entrance to the walkway.  At the entrance is a sign with all the information about the clock, its history, statistics, driving mechanism and its lighting.  The path is clearly defined so off I started on the walk.  Originally I wasn’t sure how far I would walk as I’m not a fan of heights.  It looked like it was going to be a bit of a walk up the hills.

Clock on the Hill Information
Clock on the Hill Information

About two thirds of the way up, I stopped to take photos and a video.  So far, so good, I thought.  I decided to keep on going though not sure how much more walking my legs will take.  The hill got steeper and steeper.  I could see the clock wasn’t very far away, so I keep on going, though the last bit I had to climb up and over some rocks.

Track to the Clock on the Hill
Track to the Clock on the Hill

I had finally made it, though my legs were now shaking and I was very nervous about being so high up, especially when the path is not very well defined.  Managed to find a rock to stand on to take more photos and videos.  I was very happy to have made it up that far, but decided to go no further.  There was a large cross further higher up the hill behind the clock – maybe next time I’ll get to it.  It’s only when you arrive at the clock, do you realise how large it is.

Alexandra's Clock on the Hill
Alexandra’s Clock on the Hill

Magnificent Views

The Clock is the perfect spot to get magnificent views of Alexandra.  Click here to view the video.

View from the Clock on the Hill
View from the Clock on the Hill

It did not take me long to walk back down, though in some parts I had to be careful where I walked.

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