Why We Love Airbnb As A Host

Make some extra cash as an Airbnb host

We loved being an Airbnb host.  We had a spare room at the back of our house so hosting on Airbnb was a great idea.  It gave us another way of earning some money towards our life on the road.

The amount of money you can earn depends on how much you can charge.  You can charge more for an ‘entire place’, than for a ‘private room’.  Your pricing can also be based on the amenities.  Additionally, having extra amenities can get you more bookings.

Our Airbnb Room
Our Airbnb Room


The beauty of being an Airbnb host is meeting different guests.  Our guests came from many countries including New Zealand.  Hosting provides an opportunity to meet both domestic and international guests.  We loved hearing about their travels and their plans.  Unlike hotels, you get to know guests and some will become regulars.  The more excellent feedback you receive, the more bookings you will get.


Airbnb allows you to close off rooms if you are going away or have friends/family arriving.  That way you can have as many rooms available on Airbnb as you like.  If you have a busy week and want some time alone, this flexibility is brilliant.

Guest Room Kitchenette
Guest Room Kitchenette

Marketing your room

With each booking, you pay a small commission.  However, they do all the advertising and marketing.  They also offer advice on how to run a successful business.  Airbnb are constantly upgrading their system, so you receive the benefits of their hard work.

Become a skilled host

You can benefit from learning new skills.  If you have not worked in the hospitality industry before, hosting will teach you excellent customer service skills.  Creating and updating your listing will improve your computer skills.  You will learn how to price your room, communicate with guests and look after the financial aspect of hosting.  It will also teach you patience while you wait for your first booking – this is also exciting.

Garden Outside Guest Room
Garden Outside Guest Room

Good luck and have fun hosting.

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